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Who’s Your Monkey

Who’s your Monkey.  Scott Grimes, the voice of Steve in, American Dad, is a washed out doctor who resorts to making and selling meth.  While this is the focal point, the catalyst moment comes by a situation that blossoms from a meth deal gone bad.  I’ve never dabbled with meth, but when it involves animal porn (beastiality), I’m 99.9 % sure that that situation will not end well.  In fact, for that matter- does any situation involving meth sound like something that might be worth checking out?  Nah, not in my mind at least.

Guy kills other guy: long time friends (from, like shit- when they was just little) join in to help guy out of nasty situation.  Murder is also a lose/lose situation.

This movie made me laugh, I’d say the entire way through.  No moments were ever too cheesy, but of course, all goods scripts have apparent cheesy moments.

Probably, you’ll enjoy this movie if you smoke ganja: gotta have that mind state to thoroughly appreciate this film.  Not even that, I’ll say that if you can honestly reflect on moments in life that were down right shitty, and remember the silver linings…  This movie will be an overall, solid film (but for real: if you do have marijuana on deck, go ahead- light one up.  It won’t hurt, because it’s fucking weed people.  It’s not meth, that’s for damn sure).

I’d rate, Who’s your Monkey, a nine out of ten: maybe even a 9.2.  Definitely worth an the eighty seven minutes.


Because This Isn’t a book Review

Go ahead a splurge the nine something and pick up, Joyland, Stephen King’s most recent novel.

I’d rate it a, “solid summer read”.  That’s pretty up there on the fucking awesome chart.  Classic King prose, with more of a murder mystery feel.  Sure, someone always dies, but usually from the likes of supernatural forces.

So far (from what I can tell), this book is just plain old, “murder with a blade” type of story.  I’m good with that, which is out of the ordinary, considering the majority of King’s books I’ve soaked in are “way the fuck out” of the ordinary.  But, maybe that’s the catch: never saw this one coming, did ya kiddos?  Stephen King mine as well be the real life Santa Claus.  Shows up, drops goodies… I mean, if Saint Nick where real- I know he’d bring some Johnny Walker (Blue Label, bitches) and some prime time, grade-A ganja.  Fuck the Pagan gone Good Saint Nick.  What about Shinto, ya’ll?

The story takes place at an Amusement Park in one of the Carolinas (North?).  Entertainment, yes!  Adventureland: awesome movie.  This novel takes me to that movie in places, and on levels.  Also, weird: but I’m reminded of Michael Connelly (no novel in particular- just, Michael Connelly), and the novel, South of Broad.  I think the novel comparison comes from the interaction between protagonist and newly made friends. Both take place in the South.  Also from it being a “coming of age” type of novel.  Reminds me of, Stand by Me.  Stephen King wrote that as well, although I’m positive under a different title.

Just under 300 pages.  Light enough read: nothing worth fearing.

Again… Not what most expect a story from King would normally be.  No doubt about this book being a thriller: it’s just you’re not going to shit your bed a week or so after finishing this one- I promise!

Fuck- I so reviewed this novel.