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Gaming update

What’s new. What captivates. What’s enjoyable.

These are a few things that any given consumer may contemplate before making a purchase. But most often, it comes down to best of, or.. Top so-and-so. And that’s cool. A dude can abide.

In that case, what’s the best (in my humble opinion) and latest from the gaming market? Here’s a glimpse at a few titles.

Second Son this is the latest title for the ps4. Final Fantasy number one million point two came out. But I lost count after Final Fantasy one thousand. Second Son takes home the gold. The game play and missions are similar to the latest installment of Saints Row. Graphic’s take it to the next level. Dialogue… It’s getting better. You the gamer control how good or bad main dude in story will become. Kind of like a Fable in that sense.

Xbox 360, Xbox One
TitanFall Just as Second Son is an exclusive for Sony, TitanFall is exclusive to Microsoft. However, check this. Why is Second Son not available to Ps3? Sony, you stinkers’. Only allowing those with the four to partake in the fun…

Getting back to TitanFall. I was surprised when I found that TitanFall is strictly an online multiplayer. Microsoft, why I…. I thought that… Well, Microsoft wants mo’ money too. How? In order to play TitanFall (at all) you must have an Xbox live account. Okay. Next, internal hard drive. That’s right. Can’t save to an external memory device. Blast!

Assuming you meet the above standards, then rock on. Movement is fun both as a ground soldier and as a titan. The more leveling up, the more is unlocked. This means mo’ fun. Yes!

WiiFind another blog, because we don’t write about kitty shit entertainment systems.



****BF4 GAMERS’****

What can all BF4 player’s rejoice about today?

Player Appreciation Battle pack.

  Grab the pack.  Fo’ free.

Premium Members’….

Second Assault is also available today, 18 February 2014.  Fo’ free.

Second Assault will be available to ALL BF4 player’s to purchase ( at the price of $$.$$… we’re not sure how much) on 4 March 2014.

To ALL BF4 members’…

Don’t forget to grab your daily battle packs.  February ring’s in player appreciation month.

.. Freeeee.


Two Reason’s why the PS4 Fails

You’re not a gamer.  I get that.

You do use the internet.  Uh-duh.  Let’s recap.

Gamer’s frequent online lobby’s.

The common point is the internet.  We’re now able to relate.

Same page.  Internet.

The PS4 fails because of a lack of internet speed and no games.

There has been a lack of new titles to accompany the PS4 since it launched back in November.  So that’s that.

So why did I spend four bills for a 4?

The internet.  That was  The 4’s last thread or hope.

Non-existent to me the consumer..  Where you at internet?

Server’s are being rapped by a massive gamer overload.  I become nervous.  I medicate with a bowl of herb.

I switch to Netflix.  Had that with the 3.

So why’d I?  What the…..

And that’s that.

This Boy’s Strange

It’s only my prose, but I like it…

Yes, I do.

That was an adaptation (What?  Adaptation?  I’m cray say.. Oh) of The Rolling Stones, from that classic great- It’s Only Rock ‘n’ Roll.

The infrastructure matters not to the energy beyond.

That surely also happened somewhere under this sun.

O.K…  Enough random.  That was fun.  Now, hopefully, some food ( it’s just this blog; there’s no actual food… Whoops- my b) to stimulate the brain.  Brain food?  Maybe… Just, maybe…

Sony opened a portal yesterday; it’s a big, badass money eater.  Playstation 4 (PS4) became available to order as of.. One. Day. Ago…  HA!  Didn’t drop the ball- did not…

First off, GameStop will rape you in the wallet.  I feel a bit traitor-ey.  I barter with GameStop all the time.  Saves me money… Saves them money?  Fuck it- hopefully someone gets the title at a decent price.  Yeah, psh.. Barter only foo.  Out the door, I was looking at loosing six bills to the badass portal (mentioned earlier).  Fuuuuuck that..

Amazon.  Smoothin’ past the online redge, I’m at 5 bills- and a lil’ bit ova.  Oh fuck yes!  Two filthy lookin’ titles to game all over, some controllers, and the sonofabitch plastic mother ship… The PS4 itself.

Rumor’s speak of a nemesis, a competitor… A beast, both black and green.  Ferociously stupid in name, the Xbox One is acclaimed-ly six something- and that’s for just for console and controller.  I get it: Microsoft wants to reach out, pull from a wider audience.  Stupid.  Ass.  Microsoft.  I’d thought about asking, why?…. Psh- pointless.  Just, pointless.

Dear Microsoft,

I could care less about my gaming console giving me live, recordable feed from various sporting events.  Fuuuuuuuck that.  Don’t belittle me Microsoft; that’s not cool (not even a little bit is it cool). I’m not an idiot (at least, please.. Let me think that, for I dunno- a little bit?), and Microsoft… I feel like you’re playing me for a big one.  No thank you, sirs’ and ladies’. I’m already feeling the buyer’s remorse of the PS4.  However, I’ve done my research (sufficient? I’m no doctor, k?), and I feel confident that my money will more than pay itself off within the first year between me and PS4.  If I could feel that way about the Xbox One, I would of been in a dilemma– Catch a Tiger?  Tiger’s don’t have toes; they have humongous claws that will rip flesh like it’s butter.

Microsoft, you didn’t really give me that option with what you’re looking to showcase with the Xbox One.

I know, in-depth opinion.  If you completely disagree, good.  Be different, you fucks.  If you agree on some personal levels, that’s nice.  Don’t let anyone know.  Keep that to yourself.  Cus, it is you..

On some level,


Thoughts on Gaming Consoles

Wake up, get out of bed,

step outside, and get the news (Beatles… The bit above- that’s The Beatles).

Normally, not much besides current and worldwide events, some local b.s..  However, thank you newspaper, this morning I came across an article about Microsoft’s unveiling of the next generation console.

I didn’t read the article. Here’s why..

First, go back in time, say- twelve, thirteen years.  Around that time, the first gen. Xbox was released.  The games I recall as being awesome are few.  Still, Halo had me.  I can’t remember when Halo dropped in relation to when the Xbox first hit the stores; and yet, that’s not that important to what I’m getting at.

Halo, Gears of War…  These titles were exclusive to Microsofts gaming department.  Thus, purchasing a used console/holiday special console became relevant and logical.. For the time being.

Fast forward to ’07-’08..  Sony releases the PS3 (the Sony console- for anyone inept to the gaming realms).  The PS3 was what Sony had been aiming for.  Why?  Remember the PS2?  I do.  I remember the PS2 with mild fondness: I’ll admit, I was more into Xbox at the time.

Around the same time, the Xbox 360 was also released.

Here’s some of the differences..

From store to house, Sony had me tranced with it’s new console’s alien-like, spaceship design.   The 360 just looked like a more advanced design of it’s previous model.

Call of Duty.  Not exclusive to PS3.  Borderlands.  Same thing.  Okay, so what then?.. God of War?  That’s it?

Not really…

One of the main spec’s that made the PS3 more desirable than the Xbox 360 was the BluRay capabilities.  This also allowed Sony to attract a much broader audience than Microsoft was able to.

Is internet access free on the PS3?  Yes!  Well, wait a minute, just wait. uh.. minute. People say, I prefer to pay for my online gaming; it deters hackers from attempting to disrupt the game.  And a good point to you sir!

So, what’s the difference?  What are the advantages to free internet (if you have wireless internet)?  Netflix.  Hulu.  Vudu.  All those other online streaming sites.  Yeah, free to access from the PS3 if you have an account with any online streaming services.  

Also, PS3 now sells season passes for online journeys (with strangers- better than truck stop hitch).  Eh, could be worse.  Online gaming is different than Netflix, etc..

My stretched out point is this: Sony will snuff Microsoft with the new generation of consoles.

Microsoft has lost it’s edge.  Ubisoft, the folks who created Halo, have joined the Sony Republic.  Gears of War… It’s time is almost up.  Think about Resident Evil, and God of War.  God of War I,II,III… Awesome!  God of War: Ascension.  No… And, I’m not sure why that is.  My guess?  God of War outgrew itself.  Kratos felt tired, and old, like Shaq when he played for the Phoenix Suns and Orlando (the most recent bout with Orlando.  He was the man with the Magic back in the day) towards the end.  God of War: Ascension was a mistake.  Story lines can only maintain awesome-ness for so long.

As a whole, Microsoft’s attempts to rouse my interests is gone.  Microsoft, you feel outdated.  I don’t know why that is, but that’s how it feels.

I ended my run with Nintendo back in ’04, ’05.  Silly gamers, Nintendo is for kids, or large families with lots of kids (probably Mormon or Catholic- or just really horny lovers).  If you’re in your twenties and up, I recommend Sony.

It feels sophisticated, mature.  How that’s possible for a gaming console, I can’t say.

Your dog is also guaranteed to love it!