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10 movies (now showing + coming soon)

Here are five well rated films now in theaters’:

Oculus. Horror

The Raid 2. Action/Crime/Thriller

Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Action

The Grand Budapest Hotel. Comedy. Wes Anderson directed.

Noah. Aw sheet

Here are five movies selected by yours truly (coming soon. Get fuckin’ pumped):

A Million Ways to Die in the West . Seth MacFarlane. Sarah Silverman. Amanda Seyfried. Neil Patrick Harris. Charlize Theron. Liam Neeson. Shazam.

Chef. Jon Favreau written, directed, produced. Looks awesome.

The Quiet Ones. John Pogue directed. Horror.

Neighbors. Seth Rogen. Comedy.

Locke. Starring Tom Hardy.. Dude is a badass actor.

And 1..

22. Sequel to the movie 21 Jump Street. Comedy


If you get down, same as Naughty Dog  does, you’re probably privy to the new release, The Last of Us.  If not, let me make a comparison, as a reference point to the awesome biz within, The Last of Us.

Resident Evil 4.  Hopefully, if you love horrific, disturbing video games, you might be familiar with, “The Resident Evil” series.  Resident E 4 is the gem of all “Resident” installments since the Game Cube.  Shit, the Game Cube…. Lets all take a moment of silence (pour some liquor: do it if it feels right, of course) for the Cube; an O.G. console, faded somewhere in the depths of our memories.

If you haven’t gotten weird and funky with that, you should.  I believe there’s an anniversary Resident Evil deal, where you get like, shit… four games in one disc, or some number close to, four.

Here’s the comparison: in Resident Evil 4, ammo isn’t a luxury (no gluttons allowed… Well, come on in, but don’t get upset when your diced up).  Each shot counts: being liberal with supplies is the name of the game.

This makes for such a better game.  I felt challenged (not mentally.. Well, hey- maybe so) from beginning to end.  Same goes for, The Last of Us: perhaps even more so than, Resident Evil 4.  That makes the money I spent worth it: worth all of it, maaan.

The story line from, The Last of Us, gives a better sense of reality than the Resident Evil installments’.  However, I’m not downing the creativity of Resident Evil: I’m more saying that The Last of Us is a bit more believable.  The Last of Us is current, fresh and intricate, with a storyline to match.

Finished reading the novel, Joyland, by Stephen King.  Novel of the summer, 2013.  Here’s the comparison: Stand by Me.  Stand by Me is an adaptation on Stephen King’s novella, The Body.  Stand by Me is a Rob Reiner film (script by Raynold Gideon & Bruce A. Evans). Stand by Me, originally performed by Ben E. King, is, in my mind, the center of both novella and movie.  Go check out, Stand by Me, performed by, Ben E. King.  Supposedly, Mr. Ben E. King found inspiration from spiritual material (or energy surrounding, for all my agnostics out there).

Energy is exploding, and the colorsThey are all so vibrant, their names… We barely remember, because they are indeed totally different from what we see every day.

Music is magic,

Muses do happen,

I use it, madame,

Wet lip status,

Feels like Fantastic..

I’ve got a monkey for Ya woman; so let me Do what Im About to Say

Those caps are to signify and validate the appropriate emphasis associated with certain words in the above title.  Poetry.  Prose.  Syntax?  I love lamp.  I fucking do

I’m on here, working for my life.  I’m not me: I’m a character, created by me.  In order to survive a violent, creatively morose death directed at me by my jailer, I must write.  And write and write.  Write write… Write write write.

To make sure others don’t take this to an extreme, a character is not real: nor are they fake.  Don’t become the character, because, if ya do that, you’ll loose it, and die in some fashion similar to greats such as Poe, Monroe, and the real motha fuckin’ Jim Jones.  I’m serious, not about that last person (but you know that (I hope)), but I think my point speaks for itself well enough.

On the other hand, to discount (see earlier blog about discounts and savings) a creation brought forth by any one of us is also a dumb thing to do.  We are who we create ourselves to be.  It’s simple, and basic, but for some reason, we like to get all philosophical, add drama, and complicate the living fuck out of what was at the beginning, a pretty fucking simple realization about our future selves.

Choose to remember to an extent, play it cool: or, prance around, don’t pay attention, gaze at the stars (fuck the stars- you know, black haired bitch), and remain oblivious to the fact that you’re an extremely valuable member to the rest of us.  Quit dicking/worrying about it, and keep the party rocking.  Shit’s bound to continue anyways, mine as well enjoy it while we’re here (where ever the fuck “here” is supposed to be anyways… Jackass).


That’s the shit where in.  Not of it, no we. Are.  Not..  Games mark levels of excellence.  They claim one supreme.  Fuck that.  That’s silly.

Games.  Still fucking awesome.  If, key word (if), it’s just a fucking game.  Shit,

Lets’ all meditate…

How about we play for fun, for the sake of, “what the fuck else we goin’ do?”..

Good enough?

Just good enough seems O.K…  In a universal sense… Yeah, happy-mediums- can’t be bad.

Spin upside down, look beyond your self, un-do the doings of what everyone else says. Do what feels good, what’s meaningful for you.  I’m just a funny man with a round ass (hairy too; mostly stinky though).

My lit. mentor would be furious with my clumsy writing.  Mentors, huh paw.  Skoop-ey.

Everyone.  Unique.  Spells some sort of smell we want, wanna be a part of it more than we  care about this space, or this… Time?

Im not sure why, bah–why– but i like double spacing this dirty shit o’ mine.

Ya know what?  I really dig, The Rolling Stones.

Good enough I guess.  Fuckin’…  That’s how I feel about Games.  Yeah, and I smoke that medical.  Or,,

do i…. ?

Family Guy’d it.

Good shit.  Poop.  It’s just enough, just enough to make a simple soul feel a little bit better about such worldly conditions.

Poop out.


So… You haven’t watched, Half Baked in quite some time.  Put on the list. For da weekend mon.  Also, do you… Freaky Deaky?  Sure ya do.  If ya haven’t, go check it out on Netflix.  Andy Dick gets blown up around twenty minutes in.  Christian Slater.  Sabina Gadecki.  Other people you’ll undoubtedly recognize.  When in doubt, IMDb it.

American Dad.  Season 2011.  Not really.  The season that was airing during the year 2011.  Nice.

I want to continue my observations about what makes the Xbox One phenomenal.  Doesn’t the other, supposed big deal with the Xbox One surround it’s on-screen, motion detector capabilities?  If that’s the case, these guys are retarded.

Here’s the way I see it: Microsoft is attempting to hit all quadrants- the kid audience (in my mind, that’s the crowd who the motion thingy is primarily for), young adults (twenties up till, ehh… I’d say thirty-one, thirty-two…  Thirty-three’s pushing it these days), adults (while I’d like to say I’m a full grown adult, I think that that’s more reserved for the individual who can also say, “yeah, some call me a wizard in these parts”, where ever “these” parts are- they must be pretty important), and everyone else.  Everyone else, hmm… Old folks, younger folks who don’t want to be categorized- or, perhaps, even some real wizards (because, yes- wizards are indeed real).

Nintendo.  It sounds so… Familiar.  I can’t claim to give a reason for why I packed away my Nintendo gear, other than I out-grew Nintendo all-together.  And, for some reason, that’s kinda sad.  Not like, boo hoo, or.. Whaaa!  No, just a silent recap on the good times me and Nintendo had together: it was one helluva ride!

With that on table of talk, what the hell did happen to Nintendo?  Serious.  I ask because I haven’t seen much concerning the Nintendo peeps.  You’re right, I don’t give a shit, but still…  Nintendo was, and I’m sure still is, awesome.  Maybe I haven’t been paying attention.  That would explain how much I care about Nintendo.

Maybe the youth is getting way smart, way fast.  They can keep up with the more adult-geared consoles.  Good… Good, goooood!

That’s aight.  I can dig it.