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Shit without an agenda

5 People/Bands worth a look

Jack White. Lazaretto is expected June 10th. From the White Stripes, Jack White is. Alternative rock genre.

Zakk Wylde/Black Label Society. Catacombs of the Black Vatican is now available for purchase. Check into Zakk Wylde and his career with Black Label Society. Metal genre.

Led Zeppelin. Led Zeppelin has officially announced a re-releasing of all original studio albums beginning in June, with an album to follow each consecutive month. The re-releases will include previously unheard live recordings from the band. Other outtakes also to be included.

AnteMasque. This is a new super band in the makes. Flea from Red Hot Chili Peppers joins forces with former Mars Volta members Cedric Bixler-Zavala and Omar Rodriguez-Lopez. David Elitich on the drums. Songs thus far include: 4AM, Hangin’ in the Lurch, and People Forget. All three can be found on iTunes.

Patton Oswalt. Tragedy plus Comedy Equals time. This is a live performance brought to iTunes. Fucking hilarious.

5 facts about age

I’m in the shower.  At least once a day.  I also poop in the morning.  The morning poop is definitely routine.

Whilst being human I thought.  Here’s a list of what I came up with.

1. Face Hair

Had a mustache for a bit.  Did the beard.  Goatee.  I’m twenty-five.  Great job for me.  I made it.

I made me-self realize that mustache’s are deemed creepy and awkward.  I’ve made my own conclusions that a beard is either for lumberjack’s drug hustling money makers or musicians (writers’ too but we’re looking at their words not their fuh-king faces).  Goatees? hippies and the ever pretentious blasé crowd.  Or if you’re old.  That works too.

No go on the face hair.

2. Teeth

Brushing.  Flossing.  These are becoming more and more essential activities.

Warning: teeth will get kinda ugly unless brushed/flossed on a consistent basis.

3. Video Games

Fun?  Yes.  People online are real assholes.

That bit’s lame.

4. Movies

Netflix.  Hulu.  Actual theater’s are great as well.  Indy films.


5. Books

Totally awesome experience? encountering a fellow reader of novels.

That’s about that.  There’s nothing to be said when the person avoids reading.  I don’t know.  That’s about

what that is.

Show Job

Snow job, I think means to plow snow from the floor. It’s there for the sweeping. Goin’ ride big trackers.

Warning: all posts (except maybe Netflix movies and not Netflix music and magazines) are the fictional creation of authors fictional, make believe person, Philly. Philly is 100 percent made from imagination: any likeness or similarity is pure coincidence.

Ahhahaha. Now I’m not a crazy person. I’m a writer, I write fiction, it’s all mumbo jumbo anyways. It’s nothing more than a bunch of stories; as is it nothing less than the stories within the stories.

My hope is that I’ve confused you, reader, enough so that we can both return to taking a siesta (it’s 4:20 somewhere).

One love is the nature our energy comes from,


WordPress, Sets of Reps

Hey to all,

Undergoing some adjustments on my back.  The skinny on that is that, in order to minimize pain, I’m choosing to lay flat on the floor (with a comfy foam/yoga mat underneath- go Ross).

Unfortunately, It’s arduous for me to sit and write at this point.  Just a heads up, might see a slight decrease in blog posts over the next few days.  Still, I’m going to give my best in figuring out a modified way for me to make the blogs happen.

Maybe send some positive energy my way: I’d be grateful for any good vibes ya’ll might have to give.

🙂 Rock on Blogger’s,

Rollin’ with the readers,

you make the magic come to life.


A combination of the words, “what”, and, “wow”.  The comma after the word, “what”, is to emphasize how confusing the word can become when combining it with the word, “wow”.

Who hasn’t let out a wha-ow at some point during the course of life?  Universal, I know.  Can we make it work: for the sake of the, “wha-ow”?

Also, is claiming the same as nonsense?

Something for your mind to use.  It’s colorful, technicolored: go ahead and paint with it if it can fit somewhere in the mix.

Back to.. Basics?

Netflix.  I’m staring that shit down, eyes to screen.  Sunday night special- midnight delight.

I’m also going to add that I’m throwing down on games tonight.  Don’t try and follow, because I’m off-lining into the dark.  Wish me luck, fellow gamers!

Fuuuuuck yeah: all about, The Amazon.


The Little Things in Life (Little people too)

I remember some guy vehemently talking shit on Michael Jackson to his ten year old granddaughter.  I’ve never sat down and actually listened to anything by Michael.  I have nothing against the guy, either as musician or as person (although, he certainly is one crazy, “out there”, sonofabitch), because I’ve never cared too much about researching, “Michael Jackson”.

At this point in my life, I feel that I no longer just mindlessly listen to music.  If I feel that the content will have no lasting appeal, then.. Fuck it man, I’m not wasting my time on bull shit these days.

Thus, studying, “The Rolling Stones”.  That’s just my example: you’re example is just as valid (except, I can’t read minds, so give me a fucking break.. Please). Tangents: goddamn it.

Here’s the point: it’s silly to over think fictional persona’s, fictional creations..  I think you get the point.  Stephen King jacks home runs out of Fenway (and all other stadiums known to the universe).  He jacked one on this point.  It’s just fiction… Seriously, doesn’t it seem pretty goddamn silly to make it out to be something, “more than”?

At the same time, respect the balance.  It’s also pretty ridiculous to toss aside stories, or actors/performers’, on account that they are meaningless and irrelevant to the mind-boggling philosophies of the world..  That’s silly, because trying to figure out the unseen, or what lies beyond.. Come on folks, don’t flabbergast yourselves: leave it until we get there (that’s what this asshole has to say, at least).  Stories, actors..  On many levels, this is our way of best achieving a sense of joy…  These stories compile a universal reckoning within us, because each story shares, connects us to the human conditions.  And, I’m pretty sure we are all human (you too Lil’ Wayne, ya fucking wacko).

Balance… Balance..  Yeah!  That’s it!

It’s a fucking blast for me, so the least I can do is recommend the same.  Figure, why not? I’m sure it wouldn’t hurt to take a crack at life from a slightly different angle.  If it can’t hurt, then at the worst, nothing is gained.  And goddamn me if we haven’t all attempted shit without gaining something- even in the very least.

Oh wait,


Nothing wrong with knowing a good Maine-iac

I’ve met two peoples from Maine.  I read novels by a guy from Maine.

Those two dudes, they were overall- I can’t say more wise, they were just Maine-iac’s.  Sort of like Hobbits: except much larger, and much more human.

One of the two dudes (we’ll call him Mr. Orangoutang) was salt of the earth.  Probably still is, “salt of the earth”.  What happened?  We use to burn so much tree…

Overall, I miss you, Mr. Orangoutang.  Solid adventures were gained with that man.  One hundred percent of the time.  That’s batting a thousand, folks.

FInd yourself a Maine-iac.  Be-friend him or her.  Go on adventures.  Overall, interesting, unexpected shit is bound to occur.

Railways, and planes.