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5 ways to humble thine self

People of importance (to me) tell me I’m on.  On point.  On my game.  Got my mojo goin’.

It’s a humble sense of confidence that does the job.  Here’s a list of five ways I learn to be humble and confident.

5 ways to humble thine self

#1. Learn to play an instrument

Rome wasn’t built overnight.  Neither is respect.  Earn it.

#2. Raise a puppy

If this is even possible.  A kitten will do just as well.

#3. Listen to country music

These are the stations’ you’re looking for…

#4. Walk outside more than twice a day

Vitamin D from the sun.  Proven a positive for both skin and bone.

#5. Drink coffee

Not a mistake.  Coffee will indeed humble one’s thought’s..  Hone Jedi.  Hone.



4 Points to Check Before Beginning any Weekend/Keep it Magic

Life is a mystery.  The nature of mystery is in itself magic.  Life is therefore (to some degree) magical.

Here are four things to check before going out to ensure your weekend is awesome:


Keep this simple.  Do you have any?  How much?  Finance & Management (not a timber co.).  Plan to be bombarded from different angles.  Weekends are tough to do without a cash flow.


How do you feel?  Do you need a power nap?  Having a positive attitude helps. Take an emotional inventory before beginning the evening’s activities.  Will you be a blast or a burden… ‘Tis the main question.


Are you meeting someone?  Maybe you’ve planned a lunch date.  Righteous.  Weekends tend to be more suitable.  Since most are busy during the week.  Because of work.


Do you really need to go out?  Maybe more accomplishments will arise outside of money pits.  Plan a routine around eating better food.  Read a book.  Watch a movie.  Paint.  Write.  Dance.  Definitely dance.

Keep it magic y’all

Two Reason’s why the PS4 Fails

You’re not a gamer.  I get that.

You do use the internet.  Uh-duh.  Let’s recap.

Gamer’s frequent online lobby’s.

The common point is the internet.  We’re now able to relate.

Same page.  Internet.

The PS4 fails because of a lack of internet speed and no games.

There has been a lack of new titles to accompany the PS4 since it launched back in November.  So that’s that.

So why did I spend four bills for a 4?

The internet.  That was  The 4’s last thread or hope.

Non-existent to me the consumer..  Where you at internet?

Server’s are being rapped by a massive gamer overload.  I become nervous.  I medicate with a bowl of herb.

I switch to Netflix.  Had that with the 3.

So why’d I?  What the…..

And that’s that.

Do’s by me, ..MR. Dude

Smart choices.  Wise decisions.  Poor thought out choices.  Failure.

Ouch.  That last description.  What a bummer.

Here’s a short list of helpful observations:

If music plays at a more than loud volume while driving, do so with refined confidence

  • Be mature about this.  Use your best judgement.  Also make sure you’re letting those around you recognize your awareness of their presence.  Play it safe, but be careful.. Too safe may cause sedation.

Have shi* together

  • Broad range of meanings here.  Perhaps it’s crucial to your survival that gardening is done by a certain time of day.  Maybe old toilet rolls need un-hinging.  New toilet roll placed into toilet roll holder.  Or, you’re do contract work.  And you need to clean up after yourself.  Don’t dismiss it.  Dirty work always gets noticed.

Silent mode on a cell phone is different than buzzer mode on a cell phone

  • Technology can be tricky.  Don’t be a victim unheard.  Speak out.  Be heard.
  • Help is out there.
  • 1-800-I-MUH-STUPID

Work hard play hard

  • Get a job.  Maintain that look for over a year.
  • Buy your own crack-cocaine.  No more using mom’s funds to get you hi no sir.

Find a family member with whom mutual vent sessions can healthily occur

  • If not a family member, you’re going to come across as a whiny jackass to whomever it is.  It’s gone from venting to complaining. No one wants to have to deal with that shi*.

Smoke weed more drink liquor less

  • Self-explainitory I feel.



5 facts about age

I’m in the shower.  At least once a day.  I also poop in the morning.  The morning poop is definitely routine.

Whilst being human I thought.  Here’s a list of what I came up with.

1. Face Hair

Had a mustache for a bit.  Did the beard.  Goatee.  I’m twenty-five.  Great job for me.  I made it.

I made me-self realize that mustache’s are deemed creepy and awkward.  I’ve made my own conclusions that a beard is either for lumberjack’s drug hustling money makers or musicians (writers’ too but we’re looking at their words not their fuh-king faces).  Goatees? hippies and the ever pretentious blasé crowd.  Or if you’re old.  That works too.

No go on the face hair.

2. Teeth

Brushing.  Flossing.  These are becoming more and more essential activities.

Warning: teeth will get kinda ugly unless brushed/flossed on a consistent basis.

3. Video Games

Fun?  Yes.  People online are real assholes.

That bit’s lame.

4. Movies

Netflix.  Hulu.  Actual theater’s are great as well.  Indy films.


5. Books

Totally awesome experience? encountering a fellow reader of novels.

That’s about that.  There’s nothing to be said when the person avoids reading.  I don’t know.  That’s about

what that is.


A combination of the words, “what”, and, “wow”.  The comma after the word, “what”, is to emphasize how confusing the word can become when combining it with the word, “wow”.

Who hasn’t let out a wha-ow at some point during the course of life?  Universal, I know.  Can we make it work: for the sake of the, “wha-ow”?

Also, is claiming the same as nonsense?

Something for your mind to use.  It’s colorful, technicolored: go ahead and paint with it if it can fit somewhere in the mix.