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Music that’s current, music from the past. All in all, it’s music.

5 People/Bands worth a look

Jack White. Lazaretto is expected June 10th. From the White Stripes, Jack White is. Alternative rock genre.

Zakk Wylde/Black Label Society. Catacombs of the Black Vatican is now available for purchase. Check into Zakk Wylde and his career with Black Label Society. Metal genre.

Led Zeppelin. Led Zeppelin has officially announced a re-releasing of all original studio albums beginning in June, with an album to follow each consecutive month. The re-releases will include previously unheard live recordings from the band. Other outtakes also to be included.

AnteMasque. This is a new super band in the makes. Flea from Red Hot Chili Peppers joins forces with former Mars Volta members Cedric Bixler-Zavala and Omar Rodriguez-Lopez. David Elitich on the drums. Songs thus far include: 4AM, Hangin’ in the Lurch, and People Forget. All three can be found on iTunes.

Patton Oswalt. Tragedy plus Comedy Equals time. This is a live performance brought to iTunes. Fucking hilarious.

Street Fighting Man

I bust a knee cap open, I’m going to hit the ground (super fast, due to calculating gravity and physics and body mass.. It living weight- with feelings.)

Same with, The Last of Us. Get shot more than a couple times, and you too hit the floor. Best part is, once down, it’s a crap shoot for survival. Get raked by an automatic, and the survival option goes to the wayside. Other than that, rock ‘n’ roll.

The realism of The Last of Us is the major reason I’d deem this title, Video Game of 2013. COD will always be its special, COD self. COD, MW 1 introduced online gamers to a world through the eyes of highly trained specialists within various branches of US military (and the Brits at one point- hell, I don’t know actually). How sweet is the sound of ammo, hitting the mud slathered bunker? Pretty dang sweet.

Realizing I’m writer, I feel bashful for thinking I was a SEAL. Well, I also feel a false sense of accomplishment. I’m a camel who dreams of being a cheetah (although camels can haul tail, too). It makes more sense to align myself with ordinary protagonists (well, kind of ordinary: at least enough so that the stretch of fictional gaming will fit the boundaries of my confidence, as it translates to the dance floor.)

If you’re on the dance floor, tell that VJ to pull up, Street Fighting Man, by The Rolling Stones. I figure no explanation is needed, I mean.. We’re talking about The Stones– I’m hoping YouTube is still a viable platform for you to listen to music.

*wink wink


If you get down, same as Naughty Dog  does, you’re probably privy to the new release, The Last of Us.  If not, let me make a comparison, as a reference point to the awesome biz within, The Last of Us.

Resident Evil 4.  Hopefully, if you love horrific, disturbing video games, you might be familiar with, “The Resident Evil” series.  Resident E 4 is the gem of all “Resident” installments since the Game Cube.  Shit, the Game Cube…. Lets all take a moment of silence (pour some liquor: do it if it feels right, of course) for the Cube; an O.G. console, faded somewhere in the depths of our memories.

If you haven’t gotten weird and funky with that, you should.  I believe there’s an anniversary Resident Evil deal, where you get like, shit… four games in one disc, or some number close to, four.

Here’s the comparison: in Resident Evil 4, ammo isn’t a luxury (no gluttons allowed… Well, come on in, but don’t get upset when your diced up).  Each shot counts: being liberal with supplies is the name of the game.

This makes for such a better game.  I felt challenged (not mentally.. Well, hey- maybe so) from beginning to end.  Same goes for, The Last of Us: perhaps even more so than, Resident Evil 4.  That makes the money I spent worth it: worth all of it, maaan.

The story line from, The Last of Us, gives a better sense of reality than the Resident Evil installments’.  However, I’m not downing the creativity of Resident Evil: I’m more saying that The Last of Us is a bit more believable.  The Last of Us is current, fresh and intricate, with a storyline to match.

Finished reading the novel, Joyland, by Stephen King.  Novel of the summer, 2013.  Here’s the comparison: Stand by Me.  Stand by Me is an adaptation on Stephen King’s novella, The Body.  Stand by Me is a Rob Reiner film (script by Raynold Gideon & Bruce A. Evans). Stand by Me, originally performed by Ben E. King, is, in my mind, the center of both novella and movie.  Go check out, Stand by Me, performed by, Ben E. King.  Supposedly, Mr. Ben E. King found inspiration from spiritual material (or energy surrounding, for all my agnostics out there).

Energy is exploding, and the colorsThey are all so vibrant, their names… We barely remember, because they are indeed totally different from what we see every day.

Music is magic,

Muses do happen,

I use it, madame,

Wet lip status,

Feels like Fantastic..

The Little Things in Life (Little people too)

I remember some guy vehemently talking shit on Michael Jackson to his ten year old granddaughter.  I’ve never sat down and actually listened to anything by Michael.  I have nothing against the guy, either as musician or as person (although, he certainly is one crazy, “out there”, sonofabitch), because I’ve never cared too much about researching, “Michael Jackson”.

At this point in my life, I feel that I no longer just mindlessly listen to music.  If I feel that the content will have no lasting appeal, then.. Fuck it man, I’m not wasting my time on bull shit these days.

Thus, studying, “The Rolling Stones”.  That’s just my example: you’re example is just as valid (except, I can’t read minds, so give me a fucking break.. Please). Tangents: goddamn it.

Here’s the point: it’s silly to over think fictional persona’s, fictional creations..  I think you get the point.  Stephen King jacks home runs out of Fenway (and all other stadiums known to the universe).  He jacked one on this point.  It’s just fiction… Seriously, doesn’t it seem pretty goddamn silly to make it out to be something, “more than”?

At the same time, respect the balance.  It’s also pretty ridiculous to toss aside stories, or actors/performers’, on account that they are meaningless and irrelevant to the mind-boggling philosophies of the world..  That’s silly, because trying to figure out the unseen, or what lies beyond.. Come on folks, don’t flabbergast yourselves: leave it until we get there (that’s what this asshole has to say, at least).  Stories, actors..  On many levels, this is our way of best achieving a sense of joy…  These stories compile a universal reckoning within us, because each story shares, connects us to the human conditions.  And, I’m pretty sure we are all human (you too Lil’ Wayne, ya fucking wacko).

Balance… Balance..  Yeah!  That’s it!

It’s a fucking blast for me, so the least I can do is recommend the same.  Figure, why not? I’m sure it wouldn’t hurt to take a crack at life from a slightly different angle.  If it can’t hurt, then at the worst, nothing is gained.  And goddamn me if we haven’t all attempted shit without gaining something- even in the very least.

Oh wait,


The Rolling Stones

If I had to distinguish what makes The Rolling Stones different from the other phenomenal rock/pop bands during the late sixties and up, it’d be the personality of The Stones.

I’ve studied (yes, studied) The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Queen- dabbled in the dealings of Pink Floyd’s genius. Given, I’ve mentioned but a fraction of said, “great bands”. This isn’t a regurgitation of awesome music throughout history: this is an analysis of the greats- the bands everyone knows of: regardless how we feel about their music, or the musicians behind the music. Were all aware of the above mentioned bands.

Back to The Stones. It’s the personality of the collective whole that makes this band the best rock/pop band ever. The range of genre is there, same as all those bands above– but that’s not specific enough, doesn’t explain what it is about The Stones that put them in a class of their own. That level, the one no one else can claim but The Stones- it’s past epic.

They connect with so many, embody universal concepts and conditions; and nothing can’t help it- The Stones are musical reality.

Understand that The Rolling Stones aren’t physically real; their music is here, unseen, as a beacon, as a guiding voice in the unknown.

That’s not an elevated interpretation: it’s the opposite. The Stones, in my mind, embraced all the “muses” Earth had to offer– more so than any one else who attempted the same process (at the time or since). The Stones continue to prove superficial existence by never making the “muse” the theme throughout.. And that’s standard with all the recordings. Sure, traces- but nothing lingers, ya dig? They’re so human, and yet I want to believe that’s the truth about them. I don’t think about fiction or fantasy while listening. And that’s the part that just doesn’t add up– not when it does with every other band I call to mind.

The Stones are very real, and yet they don’t exist. Not by our understanding.

In conclusion, The Rolling Stones are our version of the beyond. They never once stopped being the most human amongst the competition, and its long since paid off. Maybe time never was an issue for them; maybe The Stones have always been. Perhaps- perhaps The Stones wandered in from another existence. Laid on the foreign sand as the tide creeps– creeps back in to the infinite collection of drops.

What else were they suppose to do? How’d they blend with reality? Their music, it’s truth- is the one, pure energy– hidden beneath the surface that is not music. There’s The Rolling Stones, and then.. There’s The Rolling Stones.. Dig?

The Rolling Stones,

Legendary voices.

The Rolling Stones

It’s been a test of patience, this wait, yes it has.  Meant to be.  About goddamn time.

No joke, you assholes- Tattoo You was the one record I could say, yeah, I’m familiar with The Rolling Stones..  I own Tattoo You, so- yeah, I’m familiar with The Rolling Stones..  Again: the one album I was familiar with.  

My knowledge of The Rolling Stones extended to one studio recording…

Great album, yeah, but…  That’s not enough for me.  I know who the fucking Rolling Stones are.  So do you, and you know what I mean.  I never pretended to, “know The Stones”: and I thank my juicy white ass that I didn’t.

When I last perused an authentic record joint, I realized the depth and magnitude of The Rolling Stones.  Layers.  Texture.  Vibrant colors, exploding in shades, grades and shapes previously unseen.

I’m now this old, was “this” old, am now- damn.  Not working.  Moving on.

I wasn’t going to force the consummation process between myself and The Rolling Stones:  I’ve seen what happens to others who allow The Stones in when their suppose to be take hold.  Spas-mastic pussy cat, and, and, and, and and and and and and and and anddddd..

It’s hot; don’t even trip about getting wet.

Some Girls

Exile on Main Street

Through the Past, Darkly (Big Hits Vol. 2)

Get Lucky (feat. Pharrell Williams)

I’m always opening beyond my understanding of music.  Daft Punk.  From Homework, to Discovery, then Human After All… Most recent studio album- Random Access Memories.

I feel like I’m listening to a tale of epic proportion.  The lyrics Pharrell drops makes this possible.

I guess if I had to describe this track, it would be a good thing: an exploration of the unknown- feeling good, humble- confident, and ecstatic for..  Moving in the present.  Changing..  We stay progressing, because have a need to “get lucky”…  Make it what you want- I did.

From Get Lucky:

Like the Legend of the Phoenix/All ends with beginnings/what keeps the planet spinning/the force from the beginning- Pharrell Williams, Daft Punk – Random Access Memories

The present has no limit/your gift keeps on givin/what is this im feelin/if you wanna leave im wit it- Pharrell Williams, Daft Punk – Random Access Memories

We’re up all night to get Lucky – Pharrell Williams, Daft Punk – Random Access Memories