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Yeah, so… This is all of my “uncategorized” reviews. Rest assured, they all have categories. You can tell.

Because, I can

What’s happening? That are choosing to disassociate with fellow humans, is becoming the norm.

I see you, as do others, I’m sure…

This dissent from Oneness that is our core; we must quit extinguishing the flame, that burning form that is life breathing our bodies and mind into choosing.

Choice will exist at all turns. Maybe look closer at where we’ve been choosing to go..




****BF4 GAMERS’****

What can all BF4 player’s rejoice about today?

Player Appreciation Battle pack.

  Grab the pack.  Fo’ free.

Premium Members’….

Second Assault is also available today, 18 February 2014.  Fo’ free.

Second Assault will be available to ALL BF4 player’s to purchase ( at the price of $$.$$… we’re not sure how much) on 4 March 2014.

To ALL BF4 members’…

Don’t forget to grab your daily battle packs.  February ring’s in player appreciation month.

.. Freeeee.


You know you’re Hardcore when…

  1. You own more than one self-propelled smoothie/protein shaker.
  2. You grind your own coffee beans on each morning you wake.  You then press those beans into coffee.
  3. You make a list.  For everything you do in life.
  4. You have a scheduled time during the day to read.
  5. You’re learning a new language.
  6. You’re learning to  play an instrument.
  7. You subscribe to Hulu AND Netflix.
  8. You check IMDb seven days a week..


I’m on a musical adventure.  Learning to play guitar.  I wanna rock ‘n’ roll.

You’ve heard music.  Announce it.  With confidence.

Take a trip down to the local music shop.  Look around.  Find something that catches your eye.  Make sure price tags catch your eye as well.  Sometimes eye catching instruments come with an unattractive price tag.  Price tags are unattractive in general.  Duh.

Harmonica.  Tambourine .  Percussion.  Strings.  Keyboard/piano.  Woodwind.  Even chimes will do.

Music is joy.  At least Im pretty sure.  

Ive had a blast learning to play the guitar. I doubt it’s outlandish to reason others may also enjoy learning to play an instrument.

Make some music.  You’ll be surprised how rewarding it is.

Artists/Albums/Songs of 2013

Music had a solid year in 2013.  Here’s a list.  These are the people and their albums/tracks of 2013 I found relevant.  They’ve carried me right into 2014.

20 Awesome Musicians:

Schoolboy Q

Collard Greens (ft. Kendrick Lamar)

Man of the Year


Jhene Aiko

 Sail Out

Arctic Monkeys


Queens of the Stone Age

 …Like Clockwork

Kendrick Lamar

 Good Kid, M.A.A.D. City (Deluxe Ed.)

Juicy Jay

 Stay Trippy

Wet Nuns

Wet Nuns

Nine Inch Nails

Hesitation Marks

Lorde Pure Heroine

EP- The Love Club


The Heist

How to Destroy Angels 

Welcome Oblivion


Born Sinner


EP- The Breakfast Experience

Black Sabbath






The Rolling Stones

Live at Hyde Park

Eric Clapton

Old Sock

Buddy Guy

Rhythm & Blues

Paul McCartney