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Independent movies worth watching

10 movies (now showing + coming soon)

Here are five well rated films now in theaters’:

Oculus. Horror

The Raid 2. Action/Crime/Thriller

Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Action

The Grand Budapest Hotel. Comedy. Wes Anderson directed.

Noah. Aw sheet

Here are five movies selected by yours truly (coming soon. Get fuckin’ pumped):

A Million Ways to Die in the West . Seth MacFarlane. Sarah Silverman. Amanda Seyfried. Neil Patrick Harris. Charlize Theron. Liam Neeson. Shazam.

Chef. Jon Favreau written, directed, produced. Looks awesome.

The Quiet Ones. John Pogue directed. Horror.

Neighbors. Seth Rogen. Comedy.

Locke. Starring Tom Hardy.. Dude is a badass actor.

And 1..

22. Sequel to the movie 21 Jump Street. Comedy

Who’s Your Monkey

Who’s your Monkey.  Scott Grimes, the voice of Steve in, American Dad, is a washed out doctor who resorts to making and selling meth.  While this is the focal point, the catalyst moment comes by a situation that blossoms from a meth deal gone bad.  I’ve never dabbled with meth, but when it involves animal porn (beastiality), I’m 99.9 % sure that that situation will not end well.  In fact, for that matter- does any situation involving meth sound like something that might be worth checking out?  Nah, not in my mind at least.

Guy kills other guy: long time friends (from, like shit- when they was just little) join in to help guy out of nasty situation.  Murder is also a lose/lose situation.

This movie made me laugh, I’d say the entire way through.  No moments were ever too cheesy, but of course, all goods scripts have apparent cheesy moments.

Probably, you’ll enjoy this movie if you smoke ganja: gotta have that mind state to thoroughly appreciate this film.  Not even that, I’ll say that if you can honestly reflect on moments in life that were down right shitty, and remember the silver linings…  This movie will be an overall, solid film (but for real: if you do have marijuana on deck, go ahead- light one up.  It won’t hurt, because it’s fucking weed people.  It’s not meth, that’s for damn sure).

I’d rate, Who’s your Monkey, a nine out of ten: maybe even a 9.2.  Definitely worth an the eighty seven minutes.


Pootie Tang

Tippie Mah Taow.

Pootie Tang.  Written and directed by Louis C.K.

This movie, well… It reminds me of a few other “movies”, but I don’t want to credit those “other” movies, not yet- not without first giving a review for “those” movies.

Pootie Tang is played by Lance Crouther.  Daddy Tang (yes, Daddy Tang) is played by Chris Rock.  Chris Rock also has a couple other parts throughout.  Trucky, the narrator and a character in the story, is played by J.B. Smoove.  Wanda Sykes is Biggie Shorty.

Pootie Tang is out to take down Corporate America.  They are the folks behind brainwashing children to buy corrupt products.  No good.

But wait!

Pootie Tang has a belt of power.  With that belt, he does what Pootie Tang does.

One of the funniest aspects of Pootie Tang is Pootie’s made-up lingo.  I mean, it’s Pootie dialect.  The bit that makes it funny is that everyone else seems to understand what Pootie is saying.

Another classic moment is the love scene between Pootie and the Sheriff’s daughter.






Lars and the Real Girl

Picked this movie for the fact that Ryan Gosling is the lead.

I appreciate his abilities as an actor…

Directed by Craig Gillespie,

Written by Nancy Oliver.

Lars and the Real Girl portrays Lars (Ryan Gosling), an individual who remains in isolation by choice.  The part about this, as the movie opens, is that Lars lives no more than fifteen feet away from his brother and sister-in-law’s house.  Lars lives in the garage (obviously, it’s insulated, has a bed, couch, cereal, and jazz music). Lars’s brother, Gus (Paul Schneider), doesn’t seem to know how to handle the situation with his brother.  Gus’s wife,   Karin (Emily Mortimer), wont leave Lars alone.

Eventually, Lars does find a friend.

This movie is about Lars and his relationship with a life-sized doll.  Lars cannot, or will not, make an effort to connect with other people.  He’s polite, unoffensive, but… Distant and awkward.  It doesn’t add up.  At the same time, Gosling played the part so well, that I wanted to find out what why the character Lars was the way he was.  Well, duh… What’s it about?  What’s the protagonist’s main goal? These are the questions I find myself asking time and time again…

The struggle for everyone excluding Lars is to go along with the make-believe, to treat the doll as a real person.

Lars struggles too.  In a different way of course.  Lars isn’t a dummy.  He believes in the relationship with the doll.  However, at times…. I dunno, you’ll have to see..  Moments of clarity seem to strike Gosling’s character, showing an inner pain or burden of some sort.. And he wont let it out, wont burden those around him with his problems.  Damn.  Just, Damn…

The reason for Lars’s coping mechanisms is direct, yet ambiguous.  It hits home on the major underlying issues that Lars struggles with.  Direct and ambiguous.. Does it even make sense?  Clear, maybe so.

Lars and the Real Girl ended well (for me at least).  Small beginnings in the final ending.

Way to go Margo (Kellie Garner)!



Enter The Netflix

Success! The Netflix comes through again!

Since I like the way you read, I’m blossoming. Like when gorillas become unicorns (happens much later in gorilla life).

I selected some promising titles. Scratch the “promising” nonsense: the movies chosen are movies I’m willing to spend time with. That’s about the extent of it.

I’m not forgetting or neglecting the “great movies”. What I am doing is taking a breather. The movies recommended by Roger Ebert, while awesome, are intense. And I’m guessing that’s why Ebert hand picked them, and then reviewed them. Good for you Ebert. You’re my go to man when I’m looking for the hard core shit.

And, in case any of you wanted to know, I had epic dreams last night. I appreciate the good vibes sent out universally in the dream lands. I’m pretty sure I saw you, you and me- we were adventuring epic-ness together. And we danced, you sassy thing. Danced, because we didn’t remember how to stop.



Funny movie. Jason Mewes is a main character in the movie.

Netflix it. Basically, this movie portrays video gamers as rock stars. Solid. Although, the protagonist looses his super hot wife because she thinks he’s.. You get the picture, I’m sure.

Dumb broad.. The tourney is worth a 100 G’s to each member of the winning team. Goddamn.

Indie respect for an easy going comedy. No underlying themes that are bullshit. Just a kick back comedy.. Nothing in this film forced bull shit ideas that never happen in real life. Again, kick back comedy. High man, hiiiigh.

Check it- digg it.


Herpes Boy

Herpes Boy.  Bryon Lane, the protagonist of the story, wrote the script for the movie as well.  Jesus.  Nathaniel Atcheson directs.

Rudolph (Bryon Lane) has a birth mark on his lip.  It’s biiig.  Rudolph does a video blog to express his angst at the world.  He hates people.  For real, Rudolph goes there.

He does the blog because he’s passionate about expressing himself, communicating and connecting with others.

Christeee (Ahna O’Reilly), she’s a bitch.

Rudolph finds his awesome (not awesome) cousin Christeee a part of his life when his father passes unexpectedly.  Due to what?  Oh, see!  Now, now you should check this out…

Rudolph surprised the shit outta me at the end..

This movie might cause a tear or two.  Just a heads up.  

Even with that in mind, I still recommend watching this movie.

Herpes Boy is worth the watch.



Harold came out back in ’08.  Netflix has it.

directed by

T. Sean Shannon

written by

T. Sean Shannon and Greg Fields

Cuba Gooding Jr.. Spencer Breslin.  Nikki Blonsky.  Ally Sheedy.  Chris Parnell.  Colin Quinn.  Fred Willard.  Rachel Dratch.  Stella Maeve.

Yup, Harold is bald.  He’s pretty pissed off about it, too.  At fourteen, come on– that’s gotta be a pretty shitty deal.

Cuba Gooding JR. plays the janitor who befriends Harold (in a non-molestor way).  Harold doesn’t fit in, right?  Doesn’t like it.  Actually despises it, makes him cynical.  Damn that sucks.  Old women, strippers, alcohol… Hey, he’s bald!  He looks old….

This is an underdog story.  I found it a worthy watch.  Funny, maybe not hilarious, but hey- at the price of Netflix, I’d rate it an eight out of ten.  Not bad.  Compared to most, it was good.


I’m Reed Fish

Im Reed Fish you asshole, thats who.

I feel a need to be profane.  Today, for now.  Oh fuck yeah.

Im Reed Fish is definitely not an asshole movie, nor is it a movie for assholes to view (an asshole with a view–dirty literate).

This movie, man, this movie.. Released back in ’07, and where was I?  Doing retarded eighteen year old shit, that’s where.

Enough babbling.  Jay Baruchel.  Shiri Appleby.  Katie Sagal.  Victor Rasuk.

directed by

Zackary Adler

Uh, so… whew, this movie is a story that’s about the main story- current tense.  So, whilst watching, we (the audience) are actually watching Reed Fish’s film about a major incident that went down in his life.  Im Reed Fish is Reed Fish’s film about who he (Reed Fish) is.  Or, rather- who he feels he is, who he’s meant to be.  The entire movie is a flashback, in a sense,

But Why?….

Because, fucking duh… Reed Fish is in love with.. Ahh!


Im Reed Fish


The Giant Mechanical Man

Today is a day for reviewing.  Today, I will tell you in show what indie’s are worth watching.


The Giant Mechanical Man,

starring Jenna Fischer, Topher Grace, Chris Messina, Malin Akerman, Rich Sommer, Lucy Punch, Bob Odenkirk, Sean Gunn, Travis Sculdt, John Cabrera, Nick Holmes.

written and directed by,

Lee Kirk.

This title of the film (killer title), The Giant Mechanical Man, was enough for my curiosity to make the call– watch it.  So, I did.

Set in New York.  Lonely.  That’s, well, that’s what I think about the place, regardless of the fact i’ve never been (huh- makes sense).  Just kidding New York.  I’d be grateful for a chance to film in the Gotham City one day.  Nonetheless, New York, you feel dreary and cloudy, and I’m all west coast over here in the southwest.. What else do you expect from a Zoni?  

Good thing no one here aims to please expectations…

which bridges me into the reason I’m writing this review.

No matter who we are or where we are, we can feel pretty goddamn alone inside.  Well, moments I’d say.

Tim, the mechanical man, meets a girl, Janice.  Tim falls for Janice.  Conflict arises.  Disagreements ensue.  Holy shit, it’s getting gritty.  And fuck!  guess what?  They (Janice and Tim), work at a fucking zoo!

Hey, I love the zoo just as much as I did when I was a youngin’.  That’s not the point.  Janice works as a concession stand seller of, drinks and food… She’s got a degree, she’s better than that!

And Tim, he.. Well, I think this is a good point to put down my fingers (almost, haha! Not really, because that will only happen after a few monotonous, necessary steps that will allow me to successfully post and log out- teehee mother fuckers).

I recommend watching this film.

Giving it five minutes… Maybe ten, maybe..  It might be pretty sweet.