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The Story of Film: An Odyssey


No actual wizards will appear in The Story of Film: An Odyssey.

However, a wizard did happen to tell me about this documentary series.

If passion strikes in the form of cinema/film/visual stories, this is the documentary to check out.  It’s lengthy because it entails all historical aspects of film (beginning, middle… I doubt we’ll stop telling stories, so.. Is there an end?).  How film began, what initially captivated the audience, all of whom were watching, well, anything for that matter, for the first time.

The beginnings of film created a facet of storytelling that, up until that point, had never before been considered possible.  That’s pretty awesome.

Tons of information.  That’s a good thing.  Sy Field said that learning new information can’t hurt.

I guarantee even the most hardcore of film buffs will be able to learn a thing or two from watching this Leviathan of a series.

And as the guy from Star Fox N64 use to say (he still does somewhere in the galaxy),

Goood Luck!

Side by Side

Side by Side.  I know this dude, I believe he is a Jedi, or maybe a wizard- anyways, he recommended this awesome documentary that you now see above and to the far left (ha!).

What’s it about?  Yes, good question- neaah, it’s the best question!  Oh! Oh oh oh!  I know! I know i know i know i know!  What actors/directors/directors of photography/cinematographers will appear?

Heh, you know… You know if I just listed a grip (ha! maybe) of key positions within a production crew, you better believe you know that your guess is correct.

Keanu Reeves narrate’s the documentary, Side by Side.  Keanu Reeves will ask many questions to many different awesome people you know..  If you don’t know them, fuck it, who cares.  I don’t.  You’ll find out who they are if you watch Keanu Reeves.  Asking many questions.  Also, another tip would be to google search their (awesome, big timers in the film industry) names if you would like to know more.  Hey, the information can only do good.  Learning new things is always a plus.

Right.  What’s the movie about?  It’s about the death of film- technology is the prime suspect.