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Thank you Ebert!

Here’s some useful trivia I just found out (and highly recommend)- Robert Ebert has three volumes of “Great Movies“.  Pretty sweet!  Dang, guess what else?!  He also has a book of film.  It’s a beast, but not too expensive (no more than 40 bucks for a hardback) on Amazon.  Upon the mailman drop-off, I will get out the word on this mammoth.


And I will do the Tarantino review on Reservoir Dogs.


Recent Eve in to Today’s Morning

“Screenwriting: The Foundations of Screenwriting”, by Syd Field.  Oh yeah?  There you go- now  you know what I do.  Anyway, my man Syd is a jokester.  Not really, he’s actually uber insightful.  He know’s how to get down to the nitty gritty.  I mean that.  If you don’t know, Syd Field is ole big granddaddy prof for underling of screenwriting.  I take that back. Field is the master overall for writers.  Sort of similar (here and there) to King’s non-fiction piece, “On Writing”.

By the way, what does “gangster of love” infer?  Because gangster’s are savages.  They kill others, are possible sociopaths, extort money from the naive, rob, kill.  Well, that’s it- it is what it is.

Let’s talk movies next,

Philly Dee