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10 movies (now showing + coming soon)

Here are five well rated films now in theaters’:

Oculus. Horror

The Raid 2. Action/Crime/Thriller

Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Action

The Grand Budapest Hotel. Comedy. Wes Anderson directed.

Noah. Aw sheet

Here are five movies selected by yours truly (coming soon. Get fuckin’ pumped):

A Million Ways to Die in the West . Seth MacFarlane. Sarah Silverman. Amanda Seyfried. Neil Patrick Harris. Charlize Theron. Liam Neeson. Shazam.

Chef. Jon Favreau written, directed, produced. Looks awesome.

The Quiet Ones. John Pogue directed. Horror.

Neighbors. Seth Rogen. Comedy.

Locke. Starring Tom Hardy.. Dude is a badass actor.

And 1..

22. Sequel to the movie 21 Jump Street. Comedy

Chuck Palahniuk Rules

He does. Fight Club is one of Mr. Palahniuk’s novels. Hollywood people David Lynch adapted it to fit inside the silver screen. Rock. And Roll…

Let’s get to the nitty gritty. Author Chuck Palahniuk can write. Does write. Man…. Thank you. You make me glad I know how to read.

Here’s two books. For pleasure reader’s only.


Invisible Monsters

One is a collection of short stories. The other… The other novel is fiiiii-ya.

Only we can cause chaos.


Gaming update

What’s new. What captivates. What’s enjoyable.

These are a few things that any given consumer may contemplate before making a purchase. But most often, it comes down to best of, or.. Top so-and-so. And that’s cool. A dude can abide.

In that case, what’s the best (in my humble opinion) and latest from the gaming market? Here’s a glimpse at a few titles.

Second Son this is the latest title for the ps4. Final Fantasy number one million point two came out. But I lost count after Final Fantasy one thousand. Second Son takes home the gold. The game play and missions are similar to the latest installment of Saints Row. Graphic’s take it to the next level. Dialogue… It’s getting better. You the gamer control how good or bad main dude in story will become. Kind of like a Fable in that sense.

Xbox 360, Xbox One
TitanFall Just as Second Son is an exclusive for Sony, TitanFall is exclusive to Microsoft. However, check this. Why is Second Son not available to Ps3? Sony, you stinkers’. Only allowing those with the four to partake in the fun…

Getting back to TitanFall. I was surprised when I found that TitanFall is strictly an online multiplayer. Microsoft, why I…. I thought that… Well, Microsoft wants mo’ money too. How? In order to play TitanFall (at all) you must have an Xbox live account. Okay. Next, internal hard drive. That’s right. Can’t save to an external memory device. Blast!

Assuming you meet the above standards, then rock on. Movement is fun both as a ground soldier and as a titan. The more leveling up, the more is unlocked. This means mo’ fun. Yes!

WiiFind another blog, because we don’t write about kitty shit entertainment systems.

5 ways to humble thine self

People of importance (to me) tell me I’m on.  On point.  On my game.  Got my mojo goin’.

It’s a humble sense of confidence that does the job.  Here’s a list of five ways I learn to be humble and confident.

5 ways to humble thine self

#1. Learn to play an instrument

Rome wasn’t built overnight.  Neither is respect.  Earn it.

#2. Raise a puppy

If this is even possible.  A kitten will do just as well.

#3. Listen to country music

These are the stations’ you’re looking for…

#4. Walk outside more than twice a day

Vitamin D from the sun.  Proven a positive for both skin and bone.

#5. Drink coffee

Not a mistake.  Coffee will indeed humble one’s thought’s..  Hone Jedi.  Hone.



4 Points to Check Before Beginning any Weekend/Keep it Magic

Life is a mystery.  The nature of mystery is in itself magic.  Life is therefore (to some degree) magical.

Here are four things to check before going out to ensure your weekend is awesome:


Keep this simple.  Do you have any?  How much?  Finance & Management (not a timber co.).  Plan to be bombarded from different angles.  Weekends are tough to do without a cash flow.


How do you feel?  Do you need a power nap?  Having a positive attitude helps. Take an emotional inventory before beginning the evening’s activities.  Will you be a blast or a burden… ‘Tis the main question.


Are you meeting someone?  Maybe you’ve planned a lunch date.  Righteous.  Weekends tend to be more suitable.  Since most are busy during the week.  Because of work.


Do you really need to go out?  Maybe more accomplishments will arise outside of money pits.  Plan a routine around eating better food.  Read a book.  Watch a movie.  Paint.  Write.  Dance.  Definitely dance.

Keep it magic y’all

Do’s by me, ..MR. Dude

Smart choices.  Wise decisions.  Poor thought out choices.  Failure.

Ouch.  That last description.  What a bummer.

Here’s a short list of helpful observations:

If music plays at a more than loud volume while driving, do so with refined confidence

  • Be mature about this.  Use your best judgement.  Also make sure you’re letting those around you recognize your awareness of their presence.  Play it safe, but be careful.. Too safe may cause sedation.

Have shi* together

  • Broad range of meanings here.  Perhaps it’s crucial to your survival that gardening is done by a certain time of day.  Maybe old toilet rolls need un-hinging.  New toilet roll placed into toilet roll holder.  Or, you’re do contract work.  And you need to clean up after yourself.  Don’t dismiss it.  Dirty work always gets noticed.

Silent mode on a cell phone is different than buzzer mode on a cell phone

  • Technology can be tricky.  Don’t be a victim unheard.  Speak out.  Be heard.
  • Help is out there.
  • 1-800-I-MUH-STUPID

Work hard play hard

  • Get a job.  Maintain that look for over a year.
  • Buy your own crack-cocaine.  No more using mom’s funds to get you hi no sir.

Find a family member with whom mutual vent sessions can healthily occur

  • If not a family member, you’re going to come across as a whiny jackass to whomever it is.  It’s gone from venting to complaining. No one wants to have to deal with that shi*.

Smoke weed more drink liquor less

  • Self-explainitory I feel.




Five years.  That’s the number of years since 2009.

Here’s what I know.  I had success back in ’09. I was a rock ‘n’ rolla.

I moved out of state.  Came back at the end of 2011 year.  The move was random.  Explanations were null and void to everyone I knew.

I loose my mojo in those near three years away.  Some chick who was suppose to come and live with me from two states away dies in a car crash on her way…..  People are using me once again because I allow it to happen in a subconscious way for I know that otherwise i’d be friendless.  And the paper people eventually fall down.

I meet another chick.  I tell her about my demons.  She runs.  Runs away for good.

I near die from hard core drug use in 2012.  2013 proves I’ve got the mojo maybe even ten fold times more than what it use to be.  small success awakens the old beast.

I move into the college jungle that is Tempe.  I go to work.  Make myself part of the living.

I wear a HUGE hat.  Im becoming an Icon.

I’m already famous….