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Here: it’s not a person’s place, but a person will do it.

No one will stop another’s will… Stop the person, the body, the voice, the physical movement.. 

We might want to choose to,

Notice to choose is a choice of can and can not.  The will is irrelevant among choice.

But lo!  What then of the will?

Unintended consequences.

Well, we never mean it like that.  

And yet,

It is what it is.



Off Stage`

Going with the feeling that I’m needed here.  It would be off-pudding to arrive at this point.  I was there.  I did kill it.

Something else…

Time. Self-centered, logical tool.  Calculates the living.  Time is also a thief.  It’s pleasure is to steal wasted movement, movement deemed flawless. 

Victory awaits.  Dormant, silent.


quote- Stephen King

Shawn L. Bird

Quote from Stephen King is his novel 11-22-63

 In my life as a teacher, I used to hammer away at the idea of simplicity.  In both fiction and nonfiction, there’s only one question and one answer.  What happened? the reader asks.  This is what happened, and writer responds.  This…and this…and this, too.  Keep it simple.  It’s the only sure way home.  (p. 250)

Ah.  So true.  Brevity is an art.

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Cheating Chess

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug.  Epic.  Title, description.  Take your wonderful lady (or, in place, take your Grandpa): romance does occur.  

Besides that brief review, it’s the holidays.  Happy, handstands.  Hi-fives.  All around, for everybody.

Have a great day, I’m sure I’ll do my part by continuing to write throughout the day, and in to the evening.