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Only God Forgives

Ryan Gosling stars in, Only God Forgives.

This is your choice: stream it (buy or rent) via iMovies, or… Go the illegal route(free stream(not talkin’ about dragons)), and rip off hard working Indie production teams and the actors featured in such films’.

I’m not giving anymore away.

Maybe read the synopsis; or, maybe don’t. It’s around 100 words.

Yes, you can. Yes you can… Yes. You. Can!

Ryan Gosling

I’m thinking the first movie Ryan Gosling acted in was, Remembering The Titans. Eh, maybe that’s off, maybe not (IMDb it, maybe). After that, The Notebook. This was, for sure, Ryan Gosling’s first major score on the screen. Ryan Gosling becomes a star. Welcome to Hollywood, Mr. Gosling. From there, the man went on to play roles in Independent features. I enjoyed, Drive, like… Tons. Gosling also played an amazing role in, Crazy, Stupid, Love. Emma Stone, you’re from Arizona. I went to Brophy (for a semester). If you’re reading this, you know… You know Stone, you do (guaranteed).

I reviewed, Lars and the Real Girl sometime back (keep clicking previous page; it’ll eventually pop up). Great film. Well done on that one- the team who put that film together deserves Krispy Cream and Mc-D’s (someone- please hook that up if possible).

Ryan Gosling, you remind so much of Steve McQueen. I don’t know you personally, but I’m guessing you’re a pretty cool dude. I’m referring cool with your personality; because personally, I think the popularity contest is overrated. I’d love to create a character with you some day. I think we’d (and everyone else needed) make some good.

That is all.

One Love

Think Wise

Tempe, AZ: hotter than a fart stuck in a suffocating sphincter. We’re two weeks in, going strong, Team Spence St, Team Iggy, for all the wandering Tempe-Ian’s (it’s happening, down here on Spence St.) Me and Tony- posted, fixing and cleaning. Iggy, still burning loud trees (inside, to prevent da forest fires). If you feel fancy, join us @ The Vine.

Academia, where art thou? Oh, August 17th might be a…? I’m going, round dos, hope the bittersweet hasn’t gone away for too long. Buggers. Rug pee-er’s. Geoffrey Lebowski.

Get a job, sir…

Like your parents did!!!

This aggression will not stand, man..


Hopefully, we are both cool with all capital title’s. this will count for the 190th solid post (published on PhillyDee). I’m allowed to say that, because, every post counts. I would say around 180 of these posts are from yours truly. Delivered from my hard working hands, tapping away at a mega keyboard, I give you, Count Dee-Zo.

I’m always happy to give things back- especially when it’s random words I toss together at the last minute. Go get drunk, and you’ll see. Go get a banana ice cream sundae (same results guaranteed).


I’ve a dragon, named Iggy, living in my house. He’s playing at my house, my house.

Mi amigo, Tony, es un badass.

What’s new on the game front is that I’m viewing a fantastic, plastic package titled, Heavy Rain. It’s heavy material for gamers like yourselves.

Have you considered owning a reptile, one whom will play at your house? If I forged, wait- if I could just form… What does the definition say about friendship? Journeys, boats, preparing to pack for the dawn ahead. The works are the worms, fresh is the soil, warm is the spirit; the birds fly today. I have a house for a Godzilla (you are such a giving gift).

I’m open to mistakes,
I’m playing for other reason’s,
Voodoo goes, so with a tip also
will the magic turn turn turn,
As it will go a go-go in the wind;
Winter, frozen hearts surrender,
People, walking dead,
Turn up the education,
A.I. Machines….

Street Fighting Man

I bust a knee cap open, I’m going to hit the ground (super fast, due to calculating gravity and physics and body mass.. It living weight- with feelings.)

Same with, The Last of Us. Get shot more than a couple times, and you too hit the floor. Best part is, once down, it’s a crap shoot for survival. Get raked by an automatic, and the survival option goes to the wayside. Other than that, rock ‘n’ roll.

The realism of The Last of Us is the major reason I’d deem this title, Video Game of 2013. COD will always be its special, COD self. COD, MW 1 introduced online gamers to a world through the eyes of highly trained specialists within various branches of US military (and the Brits at one point- hell, I don’t know actually). How sweet is the sound of ammo, hitting the mud slathered bunker? Pretty dang sweet.

Realizing I’m writer, I feel bashful for thinking I was a SEAL. Well, I also feel a false sense of accomplishment. I’m a camel who dreams of being a cheetah (although camels can haul tail, too). It makes more sense to align myself with ordinary protagonists (well, kind of ordinary: at least enough so that the stretch of fictional gaming will fit the boundaries of my confidence, as it translates to the dance floor.)

If you’re on the dance floor, tell that VJ to pull up, Street Fighting Man, by The Rolling Stones. I figure no explanation is needed, I mean.. We’re talking about The Stones– I’m hoping YouTube is still a viable platform for you to listen to music.

*wink wink

Show Job

Snow job, I think means to plow snow from the floor. It’s there for the sweeping. Goin’ ride big trackers.

Warning: all posts (except maybe Netflix movies and not Netflix music and magazines) are the fictional creation of authors fictional, make believe person, Philly. Philly is 100 percent made from imagination: any likeness or similarity is pure coincidence.

Ahhahaha. Now I’m not a crazy person. I’m a writer, I write fiction, it’s all mumbo jumbo anyways. It’s nothing more than a bunch of stories; as is it nothing less than the stories within the stories.

My hope is that I’ve confused you, reader, enough so that we can both return to taking a siesta (it’s 4:20 somewhere).

One love is the nature our energy comes from,


Mill Tenders

I dream up diseased demons,
Who believe in getting even,
Evil is deceiving,
It’ll confuse its very definition,
Do you catch the meaning of that?
Heed the words,
Go find a group of friends,
Hide out in the trees,
Better bring a wide, thick fence..
They never have protected,
Current cacophony,
Becoming is the wormwood,
Cathartic are the events,
I’m coming for you, sweetheart..

Dearly yours,

Beloved death