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Religion is dangerous

Please, check out what tolerantpeople offers in this blog post. Rock on tolerantpeople. Im with you, regardless of your belief, faith…whatever. Thank you for being brave. Thank you for questioning the paradox within life.. Not too many of us care for that in todays world. But I care for that. Thank you,

: )

just a visitor.



Okay. I know I am going to get people riled up with this one, but it is something that has been on my mind lately. Please remember as you read this that this is representative of my personal views and opinions. I am happy to engage in conversation – but I am simply not going to respond to anyone who tells me I am going to hell, or that by not believing what you believe I am some sort of bad person. That being said – religion is dangerous.

This post is going to be a long one so bear with me. 

I have yet to see a religion that actually does any good in our world. Yes, for some individuals it offers peace and higher purpose. Religion can indeed change lives – some of them for the better, but many of them do more to alienate than heal. I said in…

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Ms. Lady

Hello, ms. Lips of red,

You’ve got deeply stained, tanned skin;


That’s why I like you child.

You ain’t got no cage,

Trouble me anytime you want;

I want you babe,

I wanna see you;

Wild and raw.

Can we both be animals,

And never once bring up God?

I’m ready woman,

Ready when you are.

This Week in the Geekverse


I’ve rounded up a few topics from the Geekverse that I wanted to discuss : the challenges getting reviewed as a female SF&F writer, the OMG awesome new Thor trailer, and hair styles (both Loki’s and Lindsey Stirling’s).  Maybe I should have mentioned that this post is for all my geek gal pals, so no boys allowed in the treehouse!  😉

So, without any further delay…

Challenges Being Reviewed as a Female SF&F Writer

The Mary Sue featured this article this week:  Are You a Female SF&F Writer? You Might Be Able to Get Published, But Good Luck Getting Reviewed. Speculative fiction magazine Strange Horizons has conducted a survey for the last couple years about book reviews, both those being reviewed and those doing the reviewing. Their results? “As in previous years, in the majority of the SF review venues surveyed, disproportionately few books by women were reviewed, and…

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Time Travel

The Quick, Not The Dead

I live in two states of time when I’m at home. I live in the future and I live in the present. I’ve manipulated time at home in such a way that it seems almost normal being in the future and the present simultaneously. It works best when I forget about the alteration I did.

I set all the clocks in the house ten minutes fast. If you look at any clock in the house, it reads ten minutes in the future. If you look at any computer clock, you see the present time. This dichotomy works by giving me the illusion of being in a different space and time. I know I’m actually in the past of what the clocks say but the visual, the constant reminder from all the clocks that I’m technically also in the future works on me.

I get up earlier, which is also on…

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Herpes Boy

Herpes Boy.  Bryon Lane, the protagonist of the story, wrote the script for the movie as well.  Jesus.  Nathaniel Atcheson directs.

Rudolph (Bryon Lane) has a birth mark on his lip.  It’s biiig.  Rudolph does a video blog to express his angst at the world.  He hates people.  For real, Rudolph goes there.

He does the blog because he’s passionate about expressing himself, communicating and connecting with others.

Christeee (Ahna O’Reilly), she’s a bitch.

Rudolph finds his awesome (not awesome) cousin Christeee a part of his life when his father passes unexpectedly.  Due to what?  Oh, see!  Now, now you should check this out…

Rudolph surprised the shit outta me at the end..

This movie might cause a tear or two.  Just a heads up.  

Even with that in mind, I still recommend watching this movie.

Herpes Boy is worth the watch.


Rolling Stone 500 Greatest Songs Of All Time: 490-481

Factory Diaries

Tash D here this week giving you my spin on some of Rolling Stone’s Top 500 Greatest Songs. My reviews are extremely musically technical and in no way based on emotions or whimsy. So here we go!

490. Coldplay, ‘Clocks’: Ok, confession: not a huge Coldplay fan. It’s just not my cup of tea. I hear this song though and I feel sad, but only because it was in ‘Cruel Intentions’. That movie is SO sad. I find it very emotive in that context, on its own, however… meh.

489. The Drifters, ‘Under the Boardwalk’: So much love for this song. A swoon-worthy tune from the 60s, it not only has amazing harmonies but it reminds me of lovely childhood memories. Mostly of my mum doing the ironing and dancing along to The Drifters. ❤

488. The Cure, ‘Just Like Heaven’: You can’t go wrong with…

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Harold came out back in ’08.  Netflix has it.

directed by

T. Sean Shannon

written by

T. Sean Shannon and Greg Fields

Cuba Gooding Jr.. Spencer Breslin.  Nikki Blonsky.  Ally Sheedy.  Chris Parnell.  Colin Quinn.  Fred Willard.  Rachel Dratch.  Stella Maeve.

Yup, Harold is bald.  He’s pretty pissed off about it, too.  At fourteen, come on– that’s gotta be a pretty shitty deal.

Cuba Gooding JR. plays the janitor who befriends Harold (in a non-molestor way).  Harold doesn’t fit in, right?  Doesn’t like it.  Actually despises it, makes him cynical.  Damn that sucks.  Old women, strippers, alcohol… Hey, he’s bald!  He looks old….

This is an underdog story.  I found it a worthy watch.  Funny, maybe not hilarious, but hey- at the price of Netflix, I’d rate it an eight out of ten.  Not bad.  Compared to most, it was good.


I’m Reed Fish

Im Reed Fish you asshole, thats who.

I feel a need to be profane.  Today, for now.  Oh fuck yeah.

Im Reed Fish is definitely not an asshole movie, nor is it a movie for assholes to view (an asshole with a view–dirty literate).

This movie, man, this movie.. Released back in ’07, and where was I?  Doing retarded eighteen year old shit, that’s where.

Enough babbling.  Jay Baruchel.  Shiri Appleby.  Katie Sagal.  Victor Rasuk.

directed by

Zackary Adler

Uh, so… whew, this movie is a story that’s about the main story- current tense.  So, whilst watching, we (the audience) are actually watching Reed Fish’s film about a major incident that went down in his life.  Im Reed Fish is Reed Fish’s film about who he (Reed Fish) is.  Or, rather- who he feels he is, who he’s meant to be.  The entire movie is a flashback, in a sense,

But Why?….

Because, fucking duh… Reed Fish is in love with.. Ahh!


Im Reed Fish


The Giant Mechanical Man

Today is a day for reviewing.  Today, I will tell you in show what indie’s are worth watching.


The Giant Mechanical Man,

starring Jenna Fischer, Topher Grace, Chris Messina, Malin Akerman, Rich Sommer, Lucy Punch, Bob Odenkirk, Sean Gunn, Travis Sculdt, John Cabrera, Nick Holmes.

written and directed by,

Lee Kirk.

This title of the film (killer title), The Giant Mechanical Man, was enough for my curiosity to make the call– watch it.  So, I did.

Set in New York.  Lonely.  That’s, well, that’s what I think about the place, regardless of the fact i’ve never been (huh- makes sense).  Just kidding New York.  I’d be grateful for a chance to film in the Gotham City one day.  Nonetheless, New York, you feel dreary and cloudy, and I’m all west coast over here in the southwest.. What else do you expect from a Zoni?  

Good thing no one here aims to please expectations…

which bridges me into the reason I’m writing this review.

No matter who we are or where we are, we can feel pretty goddamn alone inside.  Well, moments I’d say.

Tim, the mechanical man, meets a girl, Janice.  Tim falls for Janice.  Conflict arises.  Disagreements ensue.  Holy shit, it’s getting gritty.  And fuck!  guess what?  They (Janice and Tim), work at a fucking zoo!

Hey, I love the zoo just as much as I did when I was a youngin’.  That’s not the point.  Janice works as a concession stand seller of, drinks and food… She’s got a degree, she’s better than that!

And Tim, he.. Well, I think this is a good point to put down my fingers (almost, haha! Not really, because that will only happen after a few monotonous, necessary steps that will allow me to successfully post and log out- teehee mother fuckers).

I recommend watching this film.

Giving it five minutes… Maybe ten, maybe..  It might be pretty sweet.