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Why I Support Gay Marriage

Swing State Voter

So let’s be real here…discussion of homosexuality is everywhere right now. Which I think is wonderful! Why? Because I have long wanted people to stop ignoring the discussion of something as important as sexual orientation, especially how it relates to marriage and religion.

Obviously, I am going to be stating my opinion here, and I hope my readers will accept this as an educated opinion instead of pure condemnation. However, I do speak from the perspective of someone who has had many gay friends throughout my lifetime, and my life has been full of absolute joy for having these friendships. I have learned so much about love from them. There’s actually a running joke in my family about the number of gay men I dated when I was younger (long before any of them came out), which some may find odd…but I find beautiful, and I will explain why a…

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Choosing a Character POV

hmmm…. interesting!

Eric the Gray

cyclopsTell me if this is weird: As a writer of fiction, I never think about character point-of-view. My process is

1) Get a story idea

2) Start typing

Now that I’ve been poking around WordPress for a year, I realize I have a choice! I can be the main character. You can be the main character (don’t worry; I won’t do that to you). I can report on my main character. I can report on everybody. Or I can pick a different character altogether and start over. Who knew?

Yes, I’m being silly. I just think it’s boring to drag out English-teacher phrases like “Third Person Omniscient” right away. Yawn. But I’m serious that I never think about POV. So far, the POV demons have made the correct choices for me.

[For the unsure, there are no such things as POV gods, because gods are busier with more important things…

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Flash in the Pan – Pork Scaloppine with Prosciutto, Capers and Sage

If you’re ready to make some food… Even if you don’t want to eat any of it… Check it

The Garum Factory

Tackling your first scaloppine recipe is a bit like being handed the car keys for your first night driving solo, an event occasioning braggadocio tempered by  a gruff fatherly warning, Don’t screw this up.  Your skills are on display.  Since the dish is cooked just a few minutes before eating, it necessarily involves a bit of brinksmanship.  If it doesn’t work, well, there’s always pizzaphone.  The thing is, despite appearances there’s not much chance of that happening.  The risk is illusory.  This week’s Pork Scaloppine with Prosciutto, Capers and Sage is guaranteed to have you home by midnight.  Plus, you’re going to look really good.

Scallops, scaloppini, scaloppine (Italian) and escalopes (French) are all the same thing–thin cuts of meat, pounded even thinner by the cook (that would be you) before being dredged in flour and sautéed in butter, oil or a combination of the two.  Although veal is the…

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Side by Side

Side by Side.  I know this dude, I believe he is a Jedi, or maybe a wizard- anyways, he recommended this awesome documentary that you now see above and to the far left (ha!).

What’s it about?  Yes, good question- neaah, it’s the best question!  Oh! Oh oh oh!  I know! I know i know i know i know!  What actors/directors/directors of photography/cinematographers will appear?

Heh, you know… You know if I just listed a grip (ha! maybe) of key positions within a production crew, you better believe you know that your guess is correct.

Keanu Reeves narrate’s the documentary, Side by Side.  Keanu Reeves will ask many questions to many different awesome people you know..  If you don’t know them, fuck it, who cares.  I don’t.  You’ll find out who they are if you watch Keanu Reeves.  Asking many questions.  Also, another tip would be to google search their (awesome, big timers in the film industry) names if you would like to know more.  Hey, the information can only do good.  Learning new things is always a plus.

Right.  What’s the movie about?  It’s about the death of film- technology is the prime suspect.


Led Zeppelin (Live BBC Sessions)

What was that last post about?  Psh, hell yes Im writing!

Alright, enough chuckles for now.  Isn’t your belly soar?  My eyes are watering.. No!  Im not crying!  Maybe though..  In merriment I do this “)

To begin my actual review, I will kick it off with the actual fucking rock n’ roll that is Led Zeppelin.


don’t leave yet.  Those caps, yeah, those- they are capped to serve title purposes.  PR?  Neaah.

The Live BBC Sessions do something (I would say, as usual,but I can’t.  Each Zepp album is very distinct, unique: thus, no one album is similar to any other album recorded by Zepp.  Each album is a trip unto it’s own) that is, in my mind, a bit risky.  Disconnect from the world, and open Zepp.  Here’s what obvious from the get-go: various tracks appear more than once.  Concerning what appears on iTunes, this could deter the curious listener from spending the eighteen some dollars.  Fuck, eighteen dollars isn’t cheap.  Good thing you carry a twin-twin twenty on you you radical ‘yote.  Do it, dance like a maniac.

Remember what I was saying earlier about each Zepp album being like different galaxies unto their own?  Right, well get this- the Live BBC Sessions album gives you a mother system of wealth, with each track birthing epic planets and black holes and gnarly ass space worms with huge, gangly lookin’ wolf teeth…  These tracks are starving: they’re about to die, so…

You love live, unplugged type of (gather around the couch with an amp five feet away and bongos two feet from your feet) music?  Live BBC Sessions are alive- fresh, essential.  Yes, that’s another way of saying, “this album has live tracks”.
This of course, is all for the hard-core Zepp fan.  Neahh, fuck that– this is for anyone who enjoys music… If you’re a machine, fuck off.. This is for humans only.



Since that one time I wrote a review,

I’ve been delving through the vibrant shades the barriers melt down the colors burst apart.

Well now, isn’t that Faulkner-esk?  Or, is it another great example of my poor grammar use?  Who knows (probably a lit. dude with a masters)…


Here’s this post to make you do whatchya do with it—reader.


Neil Gaiman Says “Tell Your Story”


English author Neil Gaiman has enjoyed a level of success most of us don’t even dream of — winning awards such as the Hugo, Nebula, Bram Stoker, Newberry Medal, and Carnegie Medal. And I guess it is only fair, since I’ve already talked about Amanda Palmer this month, to also mention her husband and some of his insights into the creative process.

Neil Gaiman on Writing

Nobody ever sees your first draft.  Just get the words on the page.  You have to make your word count each day, and you have to write even when you aren’t inspired.

For those days when I need the extra encouragement, I’m going to come back to this post.  It is one thing to know it in your brain, but it is completely another to hear someone else says it.  And when that person is Neil Gaiman, there’s a certain weight behind it.


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