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The Crucible

The Crucible.  Solid film- intense as a wild mountain cat (ninjas of the mountains folks- they’ll detach your spine clean off, but first.. They’ll collapse the base at your neck, so, you wont feel a thing!  Hey, it goes this way- forrealss).  Back to the movie.  Daniel Day Lewis and Winona Ryder.  Good chance you may recognize a few other familiar actors doing a role in this film.

The Crucible takes place in Salem, MA.  It’s a cinematic re-telling of the famous “witch trials” held in Salem.  Damn pilgrims – nutty bastards.  Fascination holds me in the bay of curiosity.  I’m still reflecting on why and whom stood accused.  Wow.  Intense.  Provoker of your (and my) thinking.  Well done film.

Broken City.  Now I have a movie to juxtapose the different styles of screenwriting (more specifically, the screenwriters from different time palaces.  I want to examine the similarities of movies, while exposing how to pull out contrasting points, and focus in on these beauties).

Broken City is broken.  Wouldn’t recommend this film.  It was choppy; pieces were scattered wayyy too far for me to care.  Like, really- I pay money to relax, then, the director is all, “hey guys!  check out the badass actors!  yeah!  I cant write, so…  yeah!  Wahlberg! Crowe!  Zeta Jones!”  …and at the end of the movie, the audience was dissatisfied and unhappy, making a solemn vow to never see another movie by the guy who wrote this piece of brown smudge.

Stay tuned in lunar heads

P Zeeezy

The Daily Today

Okay, here’s the break down… Finally, Im going to review a film that was, i don’t know- not to my liking.

Seeking a Friend for the End of the World.  There, I said it.  It’s too depressing, and not the best acting in my opinion of the actors/actresses in this film.. I think that neither Steve Carrell nor Kiera Knightly were the correct people for the roles.

On a better note, Far Cry 3 is def worth the buy: pick this game up and have fun- i guarantee you will not be disappointed.

Tarantino IS the fucking man!  He dropped a duece with Tarantino flavor on a British interviewer about gun rights in America.  When asked his opinion/stance/thoughts on the subject, he got a bit riled and declined to not answer that question.  The interviewer was out for blood, and asked Tarantino why he would not answer the question.  Yeahh, that’s automatic suicide for a reporter to ask a prolific screenwriter with a highly esteemed ability for putting out great movies loved by many viewers.  My man, what were you thinking?!  Anyways, Tarantino went wild: he annihilated the journalist.  Check for it on google, or YouTube.

Peace you goose potato’s in a grocery sack,

Philllayy Deeee

I agree

with it all.  But don’t ask me to be participating with your perception.

Hey!  I see someone is reading. Im all like, yeah Philly D- you go friend!

Besides that, Im watching movies.  Midnight Cowboy… Yeah, pretty intense.  Remember Boogie Nights?  Similar, kinda..

Im going to be back, in like… sometime in the future.

Deez what?

Wednesday 2013

Yes!  First Wednesday of 2013.  Im excited too!

To start off the new year, I find myself hanging out with OG more often than not.  Yes, your still number one.

Anyways, Im watching movies as if I were an android.  Maybe.  I suspect android’s do watch movies, but who the hell knows.  Only an android who loves movies would understand.