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Yes, I’m alive!

Phantom of the Opera is a musical worth watching.  Other musicals, good stuff, but- check Phantom of the Opera, its solid.

I picked up Taxi Driver, with Robert Deniro.  Going to watch that and Ted tonight.

Kicking back tonight with a good friend of mine.  Well, we both have a mutual friend that will be with us.

Philly Dee

This Oak Body

But not my back..

ugh.. Two bulging discs- left side and right.  Lower back pain is scary.  I think you know why.

Physical therapy was advantageous for my deteriorating discs.

On the bright side, the discs have not ruptured.  Whew!  Close one, right?

I’ll be back  with a review you can actually go out and enjoy (back pain suck though- if you don’t know the pain, try and understand its a mofo to have to deal with on a consistent basis).

Philly Dee


Im here.  Right here, right now.  What other variable is of concern? Really- what else is there to add?

I got my nerd magazine (proud of my nerd), and guess what?  THQ did a downward spiral with the past year of releases.  Nose Dive!  Anyways, don’t worry (if your worried at all), because it appears the company will be bought from people who know what their doing in the gaming industry.  In my opinion, you either have a natural knack for giving the people what they want- or, you don’t.  Yes, this is brutal.  Don’t sweat it.  Really.  Because the fact is, we the consumer want a product that meets our expectations.  In a perfect scenario, our expectations are blow away by a video game that just is, well, great.

For Greater Glory is about martyr’s for Jesus Christ.  Hey, if your into that, guarantee you’ll love it- if not, then don’t watch this movie.  That’s about it.

Just go see Life of Pi.  Whatever, you know what I mean.  Just watch the movie (by whatever means) at some point.  It’s difficult to give a review without spoiling the movie.  It’s one of those you just need to watch.  I’ll give this much away: the protagonist of the story begins by saying, “you conclude the moral of the story I’m about to tell for yourself”.  That’s not a direct quote.

Argo, hmm.. Here’s what I’ll say: the entire movie revolves around one decision (happens within the first ten minutes).  There it is.  It’s a fantastic movie.  It’s based on a historical event in American history, as it involves foreign affairs.  Also, this movie illustrates the life of a middle easterner.  Well, more specifically, Tehran, Iran.  Right?!  Now you have to see it!

Chinatown.  If you haven’t seen this movie, I recommend watching this one before the other movies previously mentioned.  It reminds me of “The Sound and Fury”, by William Faulkner.  It’s a dark, twisted piece that makes us as the audience ask ourselves, “can we really be this neurotic and evil?”.  If that frightens you, I completely understand.  This movie WILL leave a permanent mark on the mind.  Chinatown is the type of movie that brings the phrase, “truth is stranger than fiction”, to life.  It’s a bone chilling movie, and you shouldn’t watch this movie unless your emotionally stable enough to handle it.  I mean this.  I’m not like, “ooga booga booga”!  This is an honest statement: don’t watch this unless your ready for some seriously dark shit to haunt you.

Philly Dee

‘Hobbit’: Andy Serkis admits it was difficult to return to Gollum

Hero Complex - movies, comics, pop culture - Los Angeles Times

Sometimes a performance changes an actor’s life– and sometimes it revolutionizes an entire industry.

Both occurred when English actor Andy Serkis played the part of Gollum in Peter Jackson’s “Lord of the Rings” trilogy, the first photo-realistic movie character created using the technique of performance capture.

Now Serkis is reprising his role as Middle-earth’s sallow-skinned “preciousssssss”-seeking cave dweller in Jackson’s “The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey,” which opens Dec. 14.

PHOTOS: 60 images from ‘The Hobbit’

For Serkis, who has since become a digital acting specialist in movies like “King Kong,” “Rise of the Planet of the Apes” and “The Adventures of Tintin,” it was surprisingly hard to return to a character whom he had helped make iconic.

“Every single day of my life I’m reminded of Gollum in some shape or form, with someone walking up to me asking me to do his voice,” Serkis said. “For the first couple…

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If you do Love Country Music

Hey, it’s music.  If it’s music, then rock on.  Or, twang on, or yeeehaw!  It’s not a route I go on much, but it’s good when I do.  So, can we be cool like that again country people?  Of course!  Ha- what else do I think, right?

Anyways, my back is still all crooked and knotted like the big bad wolf’s face and nose (what about those fabled teeth of ole wolfy?  Still haven’t found justice in the re-creation down at the Halloween store).  I can’t ride my dirt bike, can’t touch weights, ehh!  At least I can get on my music, movies, books, articles, internet opinions…  Touch a magic lamp.

Didn’t do best buy yesterday.  No, I know.. yeah, sure sure I- okay, right.. Sounds good.

I’ll be back with goodies today.

Philly Dee